Pauls Landscaping Services

Pauls Landscaping offers an array of landscaping services to all of its customers. Whether you are in the market or a renovation to your driveway, or want a beautiful flower bed planted in your existing front yard, Pauls Landscaping is your best option.

Described below are the majority of the services provided by Pauls Landscaping. Please feel free to browse through the browse to find ideas of projects that you may be thinking of doing for your home renovations.


The composition of the majority of residential driveways is meant to last for an extended period of time, sometime decades. However, the design and look of a residential driveway may last as little as a few years. At Pauls Landscaping, our knowledgeable team of workers can give your old and broken down driveway a beautiful makeover.

Updating and renovating your existing driveway to one that looks very expensive and extravagant doesn’t have to cost more the value of your home. At Pauls Landscaping, we offer reasonable and affordable rates for driveway renovations. Call us now for a free estimate.


The addition of a beautiful fence is one of the best landscaping additions that someone can use to enlarge the existing living space. If you want a new fence to surround the entire area of your home to give your family more privacy or just to add character to your front yard, Pauls Landscaping will build the best and more attractive fence to suit every clients’ needs.

Call Pauls Landscaping now to add the beauty and privacy of a gorgeous fence to your lives and homes.

Patios, Terraces, Pools & Urban Spaces

More and more homeowners have added living outdoors as an important part of their lifestyles during the warmers seasons of the year. A large terrace with a beautiful swimming pool are great to have on a hot day in the summer. Although the city may only get a few warm months out of the year, many people tend to use their patios and / or terraces in the colder months by cooking with their barbecues placed on their large patios and / or terraces.

Depending on the size of area each customer has, Pauls Landscaping will maximize the space available to create attractive patios and / or terraces that will not only add value to your property but also fit within the customers’ budgets. Call Pauls Landscaping now if you are in the market for a new patio / terrace living space.

Plantings & Flower Beds

Adding to the look of the outside of your home with a stunning planting or flower bed will enhance the overall transformation of your garden. From planting beds of flowers and shrubs or rock gardens and privacy hedges, Pauls Landscaping can do it all.

Plantings can be used as important additions in any landscaping design because they can cover otherwise seen mechanisms like air conditioners or pipes leading into and out of your homes. As well, like fences, they can also be used to add more privacy to the areas they surround. Call Pauls Landscaping to get a free estimate on a lovely flowerbed installation to your properties.


Stairs placed throughout the entire area of the garden are a secure method to walk around the different heights in the outdoor patio. The products and materials Pauls Landscaping uses for each stair renovation development will be distinct to each customer because of the varying location and existing landscaping that each client has.

We know that the addition of stairs are a requirement for most projects, thus we want to make them secure and robust and at the same time visually appealing. If you currently have old stairs and wish for them to be revived, Pauls Landscaping will gladly restore the beauty to your stairs. Call us now for a free estimate.


A stunning walkway can be a great add-on to your current garden or landscape area. Walkways can be made of stones surrounding your beautiful gardens, or simply a path that leads along the side of your property. They are a perfect addition to avoid stepping on any of your garden or plants.

Pauls Landscaping can build a professional and elegant walkway to your current landscaping areas. A beautiful walkway or path will demonstrate that your home is not only inside the front door, but also outside for everyone to enjoy. Call Pauls Landscaping now to add an attractive walkway to your garden landscape or a path along the sides of your home.


A retaining wall is constructed to stabilize slopes, secure planted areas from corrosion, and create distinct areas of elevation for plantings and gardens. A well-built wall can create paths and add an exquisite look and feel to your complete landscaping area. Beautiful retaining walls can be built from concrete or stackable blocks and rocks.

Being in the landscaping industry for so many years, Pauls Landscaping has seen the designs of walls change over that period of time. Our team of gifted experts has always kept up with the changes in designs and can create the most elegant walls for your existing landscape. Call Pauls Landscaping now if you are in the market to get a new retaining wall for your garden.

New Services

Landscape Architectural Design

You wish to get a landscape architectural design done by a professional landscape architect? Contact us now.  Following a meeting and a visit of your site, our professional landscape architect will be able to provide you with a complete landscape design plan, tailored to your needs and budget.

Seasonal Maintenance

We can assist you in opening your garden for spring (cleaning of garden beds, adding soil and planting of flowers, top dressing your lawn, etc.) or closing your garden for the winter.  We will be happy to schedule a free consultation.

Repair/Restauration of your Existing Uni-Stone (Pavers)

Does your existing uni-stone need a facelift?  Contact us now for an evaluation where different restoration scenarios using your existing material will be explored. We also offer repair services on existing retaining walls, uni-stone cleaning and polymer sand application between joints.