Pauls Landscaping is a landscaping company that has been serving customers in Montreal since 1954. Whether its grass installation, landscaping, unistone installation, planting, or installation of retaining walls, Pauls Landscaping will do the best job for you. With our decades of experience and expertise in the industry, any and all customers will feel comfortable and know that when Pauls Landscaping engages in a project, it will be completed with the utmost satisfaction.

At Pauls Landscaping, we realize that all our clients wish for a stunning and scenic living space. To achieve these top results, we use only the highest grade of products and the best concept and design approaches on all the projects we take on. These approaches will guarantee that your newly renovated lawn or living space will fit all our customers’ lifestyles as well as make the value of their homes grow with their investment. For a free estimate on any landscaping project you have in mind, please call 514-684-0297 now.

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Owning a home is long-term investment in everyone’s lives. Renovating or adding a new landscaping service is also a great investment to add value to your home. At Pauls Landscaping, we strive to be as thorough as possible throughout the entire landscaping project, from start to finish. Our project leaders will assess the current landscape and design of the home, and according to what goal the customer wants out of the landscaping project, we will give the most economical options available.

After a contract has been signed, the customer can decide to either request the project to be completed immediately or over time. Pauls Landscaping can either begin by building a gorgeous unistone walkway, or design a beautiful arrangement of plantings and flower beds. Permit Pauls Landscaping to help you achieve your landscaping dreams by calling us at 514-684-0297 for a free estimate and consultation.

Our Certifications

As a member of the landscaping industry for more than 50 years, Pauls Landscaping has made a very good name for itself. We are certified members of industry known institutes and associations, and as well have had some of our most beautiful and prestigious projects included in industry catalogs.

Member of APPQ since 2003

Association des Paysagistes Professionnels du QC
A few good reasons to do business with a Certified APPQ landscaper.

  • Quality of work according to some landscaping technical standards from BNQ (Bureau de Normalisation du Québec/Quebec Standards Bureau);
  • 1 year warranty on plants and 2 years on hardscape (walls, unistone, etc.);
  • Work executed according to the Code of Ethics established by the Association.

Techo-Pro Member

You have decided to choose Techo-Bloc products for your landscaping project?  Excellent Choice!  The success of your project does not only rely on the choice of materials but also on the choice of a reliable landscape contractor.  Techo-Bloc has put a program in place for which their contrators must follow a Code of Ethics while respecting strict standards regarding the installation of Techo-Bloc products. In order to remain a qualified Techo-Pro installer, members are asked to take continuing education on a regular basis, keeping them up-to-date with all new products and new state of the art installation techniques.

Member of l’ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)

ICPI recognizes only that a Record of Completion awarded to a participant conveys that the participant has completed the required course of instruction and earned a passing grade on the examination administered by ICPI at the conclusion of the course.

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